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NEW Gentle Skin Cleansing Cloths

NEW Gentle Skin Cleansing Cloths

Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleansing Cloths will leave skin feeling fresh and clean - without drying out or disturbing skin's natural pH balance.


* Convenient, pre-moistened - perfect for when you're on the go

* Ultra soft and gentle
* Thoroughly removes makeup and dirt, leaving skin clean, refreshed and balanced
* Mild, soap-free formula cleanses without irritation - it won't strip skin of its natural protective oils or emollients

* Moisturizes without leaving residue that can clog pores
* Fragrance-free and ophthalmologist tested




Maximum Purchase
24 unit(s)

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  1. Nice product

    Jenny (Submitted on 20th Oct 2014)

    I received a free cleansing cloth from Cetaphil to try out. These are good, removes makeup quickly and easily, left no residue. My only wish is that the cloths were a bit thicker.

  2. This could be a winner, but who knows?

    Christine (Submitted on 20th Oct 2014)

    I replied to a survey asking if I would like to try the Cetaphil Cleansing cloths through Real Simple. I hoped I was one of the first 1000 people to answer because I use Cetaphil cleanser everyday and haven't found a disposable cloth product yet that I really like.

    When the envelope came- imagine my frustration when the directions say use the samples for 4 days or twice a day for two days and there was only one sample! I even tried just using one side in the morning and the other side at night but it had dried out. It was too dry to start with in my opinion. S

    So, sorry Cetaphil, I can't give you very high marks.

  3. Great product

    Unknown (Submitted on 20th Oct 2014)

    This product worked very well at removing my make up. The best part was that my face didn't feel dried out like it does after using many of these products.
    I received a free cleaning cloth from Cetaphil.

  4. Bye Bye Mascara!

    Unknown (Submitted on 19th Oct 2014)

    I have had the hardest time trying to remove CG Bombshell mascara. I'd try eye makeup remover and it wouldn't budge. I'd use copious amounts of oil and it still clung to my lashes and it seeped into my closed eyes. This removed that mascara with ease. Took a few passes, but it all came off eventually. Gentle on the delicate eye area. Perfect for stubborn mascara.

  5. Keep Trying

    Unknown (Submitted on 19th Oct 2014)

    I received a free cleansing cloth from Cetaphil and was very excited to try it. The cloth did not seem to have any product on it and did not seem moist. It felt like I had to drag it across my eyes to even get a little mascara off. It took off everything except eye make-up decently. It was not terrific but as quick way to clean up it seems good.

  6. Great product

    Unknown (Submitted on 19th Oct 2014)

    loved how gentle the cleansing wipes were. Will buy some. Will be great to take on trips!!! I received a free cleansing cloth from Cetaphil send me more products to try!!!

  7. I'd like to try more!

    Nina B. (Submitted on 19th Oct 2014)

    I received a free cleansing cloth from Cetaphil and I really liked it! It left behind a little bit of mascara, but that is my only complaint. It was so gentle and otherwise thorough--perfect for a night when I *almost* too tired to wash my face. I just wish I had received more than one cloth to really see what they can do.

  8. I recieved 1 sample and they want me to use 4 days, NOT

    Dena (Submitted on 19th Oct 2014)

    I wish I had enough samples to actually make a review and they said SAMPLES on envelope but there was one. I think I might like them but could not really evaluate.

  9. Nice product for travel

    Unknown (Submitted on 19th Oct 2014)

    I've been using cetaphil daily cleanser for years, and love it! Recently I started purchasing the cleansing cloths for travel - they work great for this! Sometimes I even use the cleansing cloths in the morning (when I'm at home) and in a rush to get out the door. I received a free cleansing cloth from cetaphil and found that the sample I received was more moist than the wipes in the packs I buy (even when the packs are first opened). I liked the wipe with more moisture. So, my only suggestion would be to find a way to make the purchased packs as moist as the free sample.

  10. Great for travel

    Paloma (Submitted on 19th Oct 2014)

    I received a free sample cleansing cloth from Cetaphil. It worked great, took all my makeup off and left my face feeling clean and looking fresh, with no smell. My only concern is the wastefulness of disposable cloths. For that reason I might use them for travel or the gym, but I would not use them regularly at home.

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Lift lid to remove cloth. Gently wipe your face including eye area to remove makeup and impurities. There is no need to rinse. Close lid securely after each use. Please dispose of used cloths in trash receptacle (do not flush).
Pre-moistened cloths—perfect for when you’re on the go.