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We help smiles happen at Camp Wonder

Camp Wonder

Camp Wonder. A Real Gentle Power Story.

Every year, nearly 100 children with severe and fatal skin diseases get a week away from stares or bullies and instead experience the childhood joys of summer camp. It’s a week where kids get to be kids, friends are made and connections last a lifetime. It is called Camp Wonder.

The Cetaphil® brand is proud to partner with Camp Wonder, providing a generous grant, employee volunteers and gentle Cetaphil® products both during the camp and throughout the year to help support children's skin health needs. Our commitment goes beyond a short-term promise as we plan to support the organization for years to come.

Twelve years ago, a teenage girl with a nearly fatal skin disease celebrated her Sweet Sixteen by asking for donations instead of gifts. The result? She created something ... Wonderful.

The founding of Camp Wonder.

At 11, Francesca Tenconi developed a nearly fatal skin disease that destroyed 85% of her skin. During her struggle to recover, she became determined to help other children having similar painful, isolating experiences. On her Sweet Sixteen birthday, she requested friends and family members give donations, rather than gifts, to start the Children's Skin Disease Foundation (CSDF). It was the beginning of a remarkable organization – and a camp full of Wonder.

Camp Wonder allows children with severe and fatal skin diseases to have "childhood without limits" for a week. They can ride horses, play in the pool, star in the talent show, go to "prom" and, most of all, experience a safe place – where no one will stare or ridicule.

Cetaphil is proud to support the Camp.

Camp Wonder is free of charge and supported by dedicated volunteers, many of them previous Camp Wonder kids who can especially relate to the experience.  A medically trained staff of doctors and nurses is also present. Kids and parents alike get the opportunity to discover the fun, friends and freedom their lives don’t often afford.

The Cetaphil® brand is proud to partner with Camp Wonder — we’re inspired by Francesca’s work and by the exceptional courage of the children of the camp. We hope you are as well.