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RestoraDerm® Eczema Calming Body Moisturizer

RestoraDerm® Eczema Calming Body Moisturizer

Same eczema-soothing power, now easier to find at the shelf!  Cetaphil RestoraDerm® Eczema Calming Body Moisturizer is formulated to moisturize and bring soothing relief to atopic skin and symptoms associated with eczema. Its advanced technology helps to repair your skin's protective barrier and promotes hydration for even the toughest skin conditions like eczema, atopic dermatitis, contact dermatitis, cradle cap, and more.


• Soothes, replenishes and protects very dry and eczema-prone skin for long-lasting relief

• Unique combination of patented ceramide and Filaggrin technology™ that’s clinically proven to help strengthen skin’s protective layer

• Helps restore skin moisture

• Safe even for babies as young as three months





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24 unit(s)

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  1. 6 month old eczema struggle!!!

    Kaitlyn F. (Submitted on 11th May 2015)

    My daughter is 6 months old. Ever since she was born we have struggled with eczema. We have taken her to the doctor multiple times and every cream or lotion suggested or prescribed has failed. My daughter would scream and cry all day with her eczema causing her pain, and as a mother I would cry from feeling so helpless. Nothing I did provided relief for my little one. Until I found this lotion! Just one use and I could visibly see the redness begin to go away! I've never been one to be sold on a product just from one use, but trust me this product is awesome! Please don't ever stop making this! My baby was actually able to play for over 2 hours without crying n scratching at her skin! This may not be a baby product but when you have tried everything and you have to sit by and watch your child suffer, you become a desperate woman....I am sold on this product 100% it is well worth the money and more! God bless whoever created this cream!!!!!

  2. worked right away!

    Vee (Submitted on 27th Apr 2015)

    Today was my 1st time using it and believe or not I have sensitive rosacea and eczema mostly on my face so my skin has itchy area's . Well let me tell you that the minute I washed my face and applied this it definitely calmed my itch which is awesome ! no break out or rash very calming!

  3. Thought I had terminal skin itch

    Unknown (Submitted on 21st Apr 2015)

    I used to itch so much I would scratch myself bloody at night while I was sleeping. Cetaphil w/restoraderm was recommended by my dermatologist. After less than a week I stopped scratching at night. My skin has been in much better shape and I have continiied to use the product for the past three years.

  4. Best I have for my daughters moderate eczema!

    Babygirlsmommy (Submitted on 18th Apr 2015)

    My daughter has eczema and I have tried many over the counter eczema creams aveeno, eucerin and even an aquaphor ointment to name a few. My daughter is 2 and would still itch with these creams they were little or no help. She was given a sample of this from derm and ever since that's all I have brought home. Her skin is basically normal again if you saw her today you would not know she had it. I do apply about twice a day if I see her beginning to itch but, no more than that is needed! I am so happy I found this for her! This is our solution! It is very light, not greasy at all, Not scented either. I recommend this to everyone!!!!

  5. Cetaphil doesn't help much with skin itching

    Tom (Submitted on 12th Apr 2015)

    Cetaphil Eczema Cream is a good moisturizer, but it doesn't help much with skin itching from dryness.

  6. Looking for 30 years for this lotion

    Carter (Submitted on 5th Apr 2015)

    I have suffered from small little bumps on my arms and shoulders my entire life...dermatologist have tried everything and it never cleared up until I started using this lotion. It's magic!

  7. Soft Skin

    Danielle (Submitted on 4th Apr 2015)

    I have been using this for about 5-6 months now. I love it. It has made my skin so smooth and soft and my eczema has cleared up so much. Only downside is the price.

  8. NO calming body wash!!!!

    Unknown (Submitted on 13th Mar 2015)

    I started using this 3 days ago and today I am itching and red bumps all over me!! Too many CHEMICALS in this cream. What a waste of my money. I have SUPER sensitive skin and this product is terrible. Regular Cetaphil lotion seemed
    to help me. Get this off the market! People who have skin problems better not buy this. EDTA especially in product.

  9. jusst asgood as the others...not very

    Unknown (Submitted on 30th Jan 2015)

    does nothing to help my ecxema

  10. best lotion ever

    khumo (Submitted on 23rd Jan 2015)

    After struggling with eczema and dry skin for many years, my dermatologist gave me a few samples of this lotion t and the body wash to try which changed my life. The minute I applied it I could already feel the difference. It's light weight, easily absorbed into the skin and instantly moisturizes the skin the whole day. My skin has never felt and looked better. It also helps during the winter season to keep my skin soft and hydrated. Dry skin and eczema flares ups are now a thing of the past.I've been using it for a year now and will never consider using any other lotion or body wash.

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Apply liberally as often as needed or as directed by a physician.
For eczema-prone skin - soothes, replenishes and protects for long-lasting relief.