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Gentle Cleansing Antibacterial Bar

Gentle Cleansing Antibacterial Bar

Bar none, Cetaphil Gentle Cleansing Antibacterial Bar is the one to keep in the shower. Its non-soap formula offers effective cleansing for all skin types, and is gentle enough even for dry and sensitive skin.


• Effectively removes surface bacteria, sweat and oils without stripping skin

• Experience soft, smooth skin that’s clean and refreshed

• Unique triple-action moisturizing promotes healthy skin

• Rinses easily; free of soap and harsh, irritating detergents


Maximum Purchase
24 unit(s)

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    Lia (Submitted on 19th Mar 2015)

    I purchased this for me and my boyfriend because our face was getting extremely dry due to the winter weather and my face got to the point where it was looking very white due to dryness and my moisturizer which was Garnier just soaked up into my skin and it got back. The first day I used this along with the Cetaphil face lotion, omggg, the dryness and scaliness was gone! My face endured a whole day of running around and was still moisturized late in the night. Absolutely great! Worth the money!

  2. pretty good

    Unknown (Submitted on 25th Jan 2015)

    i started using this after i got a huge volcano-like pimple on my nose that took days and lots of treatments to extract. up til then i jsed all the wrong types of cleansers and then cetaphil was recommended to me. i decided to try it out and it has done miracles. it reduced my breakouts and i have stopped getting those huge nasty pimples i used to get. it does have its setback though. i still get common breakouts that won't stop (even with this cleanser) and this has dried out my skin too much, since i used to have normal skin and now consider my skin dry (i peeled of skin from my nose the other day!). i switched to the dry skin version of this soap and saw no change, but cetaphil is the only soap my skin feels clean with, soooo until i find the perfect soap i will be using this

  3. Best face product for oily skin!

    Ann (Submitted on 11th Dec 2014)

    I have literally tried everything to clear up my skin, including: expensive skin cleansers, astringents, blemish control cream, pads, strips, oil-free makeup, masks, and steam. I've used this on my body but only 4 days ago did I use it on my face - basically because it was the only thing handy at the time during a bathroom renovation. And now, I'm throwing all my product out; this is all I need....I PROMISE you will love it! I used to have to use oil blotting sheets after only an hour, and would go through a package in less than a week. I can't believe I wasted so much of my life not knowing about this product. Since using this, my makeup doesn't smear, my skin is now 99% oil-free but not dry, and my pores are shrinking. My life has changed for the better, and so will your's!

  4. The Best Acne Cleanser!

    Miriam (Submitted on 3rd Nov 2014)

    After spending tons of money on prescription acne medication, I've learned none of them come near this product for a fraction of the price. I have mild-to-moderate acne with the skin type oily. I've used this product for only 1 week now, and can already see a significant difference in my skin. I have no more white heads, as well as tighter pores with only the use of this bar. I highly recommend this product to anyone looking for help with their acne. This bar is gentle, and when combined with Cetaphil moisturizer makes for a perfect daily skin regimen!!! Try this before spending hundreds on dermatology products and visits:)

  5. Awesome Soap

    Unknown (Submitted on 22nd Sep 2014)

    I am a preteen girl with acne. I tried Clinque and I had an allergic reaction which caused acne scars on my cheek. Thanks to this baby my blemishes had been smaller and not has swollen and large as they used to. I only been using this for three days but it has me in all. I start school in a week and I can not wait to want to school with clear skin. I will forever love this product as long as I live! Great job Cetaphil !

  6. Best soap I've ever used

    Barbara (Submitted on 12th Jun 2014)

    My daughter gave me a bar of this soap a few months ago and I am so amazed at how it makes my skin feel. As a senior citizen my skin is very dry and have been looking for soap that is gentle and had not found one until I got my first bar of Cetaphil. It is wonderful , has a fresh clean smell and rinses of clean. I am on my second bar now and will never use any other. Recommending it to all my friends.

  7. Simple and Super Cleansing!

    Halle (Submitted on 9th Jun 2014)

    I had been a user of far too many harsh products for my face and went on the search for something that would really cleanse my skin (as I wear a full face of makeup most days) and help keep my acne prone, yet still dry face clear. Once I learned more about my skin type (combination to dry) I looked into Cetaphil products as I'd loved their Moisturizing Lotion for years.

    Using this cleansing bar alone daily and with my Clarisonic a few times a week, in combination with the Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream has vastly improved my skin texture, kept breakouts almost completely at bay, and doesn't leave my skin feeling dry or tight. I love this stuff; it's affordable, lasts forever and gets my face super clean.

  8. Only face wash I will use!

    Unknown (Submitted on 5th Jun 2014)

    This wash is magic! I had terrible acne and after trying many other, much more expensive products, my dermatologist suggest this and presto! My acne was cleared up within weeks! I am a buyer for life!

  9. i love it

    jhoy (Submitted on 26th May 2014)

    I like it

  10. Great wash!

    Chrissy (Submitted on 13th May 2014)

    I have terrible acne and have been using this bar for about a week. My face is already clearing up! It's so gentle, removes make-up well, and doesn't irritate my skin like harsh acne washes! Love it...I refuse to use anything else. One con...the bar doesn't last long.

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Apply to skin while bathing or washing. Rinse and repeat.
Active Ingredients
Inactive Ingredients
Effectively removes surface bacteria, sweat and oils without stripping skin.