Purified Peptides

The anti-aging ingredient that's perfect for sensitive skin. Purified peptides are an effective alternative to retinol, improving the visible signs of aging while being gentle on sensitive skin.

Learn About Purified Peptides

The ingredients we use are carefully chosen to support and nurture the skin. Learn more about the science behind purified peptides and how they can give your sensitive skin anti-aging benefits with minimal skin disruption.


What are Purified Peptides?

Peptides are bioactive short amino acid chains that make up many proteins found in the body, such as collagen and elastin, which help to keep the skin looking healthy, bright, hydrated and more youthful.

While peptides have been used in cosmetics for over 30 years, our Healthy Renew range takes them a step further with purified peptides.

We take peptides and distill them down to their simplest form, isolating wanted anti-aging benefits while minimizing negative side effects, making purified peptides an effective yet gentle anti-aging solution.

Healthy Aging Purified Peptides


Purified peptides help to replenish collagen depleted skin, visibly improving skin’s firmness and elasticity and reducing the appearance of fine lines.

Perfect for sensitive skin, purified peptides are an effective alternative to retinol. They are a gentler option for sensitive skin, don't require typical adaptation time, and don't increase sensitivity to sun, for anti-aging benefits with minimal skin disruption.

Working hard for the skin, purified peptides help to restore natural vibrancy and luminosity, so that every day is a good skin day.

Benefits of Purified Peptides

When broken down to their smallest unit, purified peptides are more easily absorbed by the skin, helping them get to work quickly. And a little can go a long way as they are potent even at low doses, making them effective yet gentle enough for sensitive skin.

These small but mighty purified peptides have powerful skin benefits, including:

Supporting your skin, purified peptides help replenish collagen depleted skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines

Elasticity is key to a youthful complexion; purified peptides help improve firmness for a renewed look and feel.

Purified peptides support the skin's natural barrier function, promoting healthy-looking skin and a glowing complexion.