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DermaControl Foam Wash

DermaControl Foam Wash

Cetaphil DermaControl Oil Control Foam Wash is designed to cleanse oily and acne-prone skin. It is clinically proven to gently wash away excess oil produced by acne-prone skin, along with impurities and makeup — all of which can clog your pores and lead to breakouts. 


• Clinically proven to effectively remove oil, impurities and makeup from oily and acne-prone skin

• Light foaming action leaves skin cleansed without stripping or drying

• Innovative Zinc technology reduces surface oil and shine in acne-prone skin

• Maintains pH balance for healthier skin




Maximum Purchase
24 unit(s)

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  1. Love this so much ... Why did you stop making the Travel Size?

    Unknown (Submitted on 30th Sep 2014)

    Love this product so much! When it first came out it was sold with a travel-size mini. The large one doesnt transport easily or without drips. Can you please sell the travel size?! :)

  2. Travel size needed

    Reb (Submitted on 13th Jun 2014)

    Love this product but wish you sold a travel size!

  3. product is good, delivery problematic

    jean (Submitted on 7th May 2014)

    I like the gentle cleanser, I don't care for the pump which is sticky and unwieldy. The pump doesn't return to its 'up' position after so there is alot of unnecessary fumbling to get a mere 2-3 pumps of the cleanser and oftentimes, you've lost half of it because it requires 2 hands.

  4. Amazing cleanser for acne prone skin

    Michaela (Submitted on 5th May 2014)

    I have somewhat oily, acne prone skin. Especially in my t-zone, forehead, hairline and a little bit on my chin. The occasional flare up on my cheek. I mainly HAD a lot of whiteheads and blackheads so it was difficult for me to really treat my skin and get a product to soak into my skin/whiteheads and blackheads. I was recommended this cetaphil product ( I have used others from cetaphil but never this one) by my esthetician. I decided to give it a shot. Btw, I have tried tons of different off the shelf acne cleansers including proactiv + , X out and numerous other cleansers and I never found my "miracle" product. I tried this cleanser and even after 2 days, there was a noticeable difference. The redness had gone down tremendously, and those annoying whiteheads I had were beginning to clear up. I love this cleanser and I continue to use it after months. Good job, Cetaphil!

  5. Dramatic Difference

    Amber (Submitted on 26th Apr 2014)

    I am 38 years young with oily T-zone combination/normal (But BEAUTIFUL) skin. I have been looking for something to help with the shine, blackheads, and breakouts (1 or 2 pimples). I have tried the whole spectrum of products and regimens from complex, simple, high and reasonably priced, department store/ all natural/ DIY/ drug store/ and many other products. Cetaphil oil control facial cleanser and moisturizer has made the most dramatic difference in my skin (normalized oil and breakhead reduction) in just one week (no exaggeration at all). I have only been using the moisturizer in the morning (because I don't need SPF while sleeping); however, I think a night moisturizer will be beneficial as well. I also alternate using my fingers and a bristle brush (manual) to apply the cleanser. I rinse and then splash with cold water to shrink my pores. Cetaphil has worked the best without drying out my cheeks (normal) and no other product has done that. Thank you:)

Massage foam onto damp skin. Rinse.
Effectively removes oil, impurities and makeup from oily and acne-prone skin.