Introducing The New
Sheer Hydration Collection


Get long-lasting hydration with products that seal in moisture for 48 hours and improve the overall quality of sensitive skin. Featuring our new HydroSensitiv™ Complex that deepens dynamic hydration and soothes skin sensitivity to give your skin the sheer hydration it loves.


Sheer Hydration

Why People Love It

"This year I'm so thankful for the new Cetaphil Sheer Hydration Replenishing Body Lotion because it leaves my skin feeling replenished for 48 hours (without a greasy feeling afterwards) and smells oh so good!"

- @emikfabian , USA




"This Sheer Hydration Replenishing Body Lotion absorbs quickly into my skin, and is - as the name states - very hydrating to extremely dry skin... I like that they've made this with a clean, fresh scent; it's refreshing to be able to use something that actually smells good."

- Kim, USA




"I'm absolutely loving the Cetaphil Sheer Hydration Moisturizing Spray... I spray it on right after the shower and it's not greasy at all, but gives a luminous shine to the skin that delivers weightless 48 hours of #sheerhydration."

- @ashleysannet , USA