Celebrating 75 Years of Sensitive Skin Innovation

Cetaphil began with a vision for sensitive skin care, to make effective products accessible to everyone. Today, we provide skincare solutions to millions of people all around the world, and tomorrow brings exciting innovations in sensitive skincare science.


Dedicated to Your Sensitive Skincare Needs

Cetaphil knows a thing or two about skin. Our dedication to research and development, and our close collaboration with healthcare professionals means we can better understand sensitive skincare needs, to advance dermatological care for every skin story.


Cetaphil has been protecting and caring for sensitive skin since 1947, with the promise of continued innovation. Now available in 70 countries around the world, our dedicated products ensure that no one with sensitive skin has to compromise.

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Advancing Skin Science

While the past is a great testament to Cetaphil’s

products and expertise in sensitive skin, we're most excited about the future.

We are more committed than ever to making sensitive skincare products and education accessible to everyone across the globe. Cetaphil believes in inclusive dermatology and strives for a more all-encompassing offering. We want to continue to understand the diverse needs and celebrate the beauty of every skin type.

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So Much More Than Skin Care

We're looking to the future, whilst staying true to our core values and our ethical commitments.

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